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Big reveal: $850K for an Upper West Side co-op with a swanky kitchen

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Did you guess correctly?

Via Compass

Not one, but two of our commenters got the right answer on this week’s Pricespotter. Both stache and Views4Days, guessed $850,000, in quick succession, which is what this one-bedroom, one-bathroom co-op on the Upper West Side is asking.

Now on to some commenter observations about the apartment; most folks liked the top-floor pad. Some praised the finishes in the kitchen, and others were impressed by the light, and the layout of the apartment. Many of our commenters did however take issue with the axe hanging up in the living room, and one other commenter was unimpressed by the taxidermied deer on the wall.

Now that we’re done with the guessing portion of Pricespotter, we can offer up some more details about this unit. It’s part of a 93-unit building at 710 West End Avenue, which is located at the intersection of 95th Street. The pre-war building was built in 1920, and stands 16 stories tall (and allows pets!).

That’s a wrap on this week’s Pricespotter. Until next time!