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West Village’s 242-square-foot ‘wee cottage’ returns, wants $550K

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The space may be small, but custom additions make it totally livable

Oxford Property Group

The West Village’s “Wee Cottage” is back.

The 242-square-foot studio at 352 West 12th Street, which Curbed profiled back in 2014, is now on the market asking $550,000. That’s a significant increase from the price its owners, Jourdan Lawlor and Toubin Ludwig, paid; they nabbed it for under $300,000.

The jump in price is likely due to the pair’s investment in the apartment; they created a cozy and totally livable home out of the tiny, 242-square-foot studio. “We agreed to renovate and maximize the space,” Lawlor said in 2014, and the couple added a Clei couch-Murphy bed hybrid, a pocket table, and other space-saving furniture to make it a real home. It last appeared on the market as a $3,000/month rental in 2016.

Per the listing, the apartment also comes with “substantial built-in storage, premium cabinets, a chefs kitchen with high-end stainless steel stove and a newly renovated bathroom.” The large windows are kitted out with electric blinds, too.

The apartment also has the benefit of being in a charming West Village building that comes with its own private garden, which the unit itself overlooks.