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Big reveal: $799K for a light-filled 2BR in Windsor Terrace with a flexible floorplan

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Did you guess the right price?

Via Halstead Property.

This week’s Pricespotter took us to a cozy two-bedroom apartment in Windsor Terrace. It’s part of a six-story co-op building that has a total of 160 apartments, and the unit is presumably located on the second floor. While no one quite got the right answer, two of our commenters came very close to guessing the right price, which is $799,000.

Coming in at just $799 over the asking price was coleco, who was followed in second place by modmother who guessed $798,000. Many of our commenters guessed in the upper $700K range and were just a few thousand dollars off the correct amount.

Most commenters weren’t jazzed about this week’s listing, but no one hated it outright. Many were intrigued by the setup of the kitchen, and the bedroom right next to it. They wondered if the unit originally had a much larger dining area, which was then chopped up to create the second bedroom. Almost everyone denounced the alternate floorplan, some even going to the extent of saying the alternate floorplan made the current one more appealing.

That’s a wrap on this week’s Pricespotter; until next week!