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Track the progress made in NYC rezonings in this interactive map

See how far the city has lived up to its rezoning promises

Max Touhey

Since Mayor Bill de Blasio’s election in 2014, the administration has approved large neighborhood rezoning measures in East New York, Downtown Far Rockaway, East Harlem, Greater East Midtown, and Jerome Avenue, in the Bronx. None of those rezoning efforts passed without resistance—in some cases a lot of resistance. Time and again, local residents and community advocates raised concerns about rezonings eroding the already limited supply of affordable housing in these neighborhoods, and overburdening resources like schools and parks.

The administration on its part has made solid commitments on affordable housing, parks, and infrastructure, but there are still concerns about whether the city will follow through. To address those concerns, the city has now unveiled an interactive map of all the rezoned areas and the map highlights the commitments made in each of those areas. The map will be updated once a year, and allow local residents to see how much progress the city has made on each issue whether its affordable housing, job creation, or open space.

“My administration is dedicated to creating a stronger and fairer city by giving communities a voice in the planning process,” said Mayor de Blasio, in a statement. “The NYC Rezoning Commitments Tracker will provide New Yorkers the transparency and accountability they deserve when it comes to the progress of projects in their neighborhoods.”

Since the Jerome Avenue rezoning was only approved in March, the map does not reflect any progress in that area, but it will be updated next year. Head on over to the map to see the changes that have taken place so far, and what’s in store over the coming years.