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NYC subway ads celebrating Pride month, combating bigotry are back

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The colorful ad campaign designed by SVA faculty and students has made its return to subway stations across the city

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A bunch of NYC subway posters celebrating Pride Month, that got New Yorkers very enthused last year, have returned to several subway stations and trains this year—and they have a new look about them too.

These posters are the brainchild of the School of Visual Arts faculty member and alum Thomas Shim, and a group of his students namely Ezequiel Consoli, Jack Welles, and Kyle Harrison. The campaign was directly in response to the spate of anti-LGBTQ hate crimes that had overshadowed the city in 2016, and the fact that Donald Trump did not acknowledge June as Pride month last year, the creators explained in an email to Curbed.

“We love this city and we all felt like we needed to do something to let everyone know that there are still good people in the world, with a good heart, that care about everything they do,” they said in an emailed statement.

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PrideTrain, as this unofficial (it’s not run by the MTA) ad campaign is known, will run throughout the course of this month. The posters now have messages like “tip your drag queen,” “love is love is love,” and “it’s 2018.” Head one over to their Instagram page to check out all of the posters they’ve come up with so far.

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