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Big reveal: $1M for an East Village co-op with a huge roof deck

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

Douglas Elliman.

This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a two-bedroom co-op in the East Village with a spacious private roof deck—is asking $1 million. Views4Days managed to guess the correct price the first time around, though changed their guess to $800,000, so Chelsea99 was actually the closest with a guess of $999,000.

Opinions on the space were plentiful and varied greatly. Danbo781 appreciated some of the details that the space offered, writing “The two details that caught my attention (aside from the obvious amazing roof deck) are the fact that there are windows on 3 sides, plus what appears to be a southern exposure. (If you need direct sun like I do, that makes all the difference).” On the contrary, Trilby16 took issue with the size of the living/dining area, the location of the bathroom, and the amount of storage space offered.

The apartment is located within a building on East 12th Street between Avenue A and Avenue B. As Nimbywimby mentioned, the nearest subway station—the L train’s 14th Street stop— is a short walk away (about 5 minutes).

Now that we’ve revealed the price, what are your thoughts? Here’s another look at the floorplan: