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Flushing church will be replaced by 8-story apartment building

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The existing 2-story structure will be replaced by a 131-unit apartment building

Via Google Maps.

A Flushing church will make way for a 131-unit residential building, The Real Deal has learned. Plans filed with the city’s Department of Buildings list Rong Xin Sanford Realty as the owner and developer of the project, and Queens-based architecture firm, Angelo Ng & Anthony Ng Architects Studio, is listed as the applicant of record.

The church that’s being replaced is a Mormon church, and has been operating from this location at 144-27 Sanford Avenue since 1994. Before that, it was a church run by the First Church of Christ Scientists, for seven decades, according to TRD.

The developer purchased this site from the Mormon church in May for $27 million. Demolition plans are yet to be filed, but once they are, this two-story structure will be replaced by an eight-story building measuring 113,000 square feet. The residential portion of the development will span 93,000 square feet, meaning apartments here will average 710 square feet.

In addition to the apartments, the building will also have 20,000 square feet of community facilities. This church is now the latest religious institution to be replaced by a residential project—dozens have been replaced by condos and rentals in the past decade.