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New looks at Cobble Hill’s LICH-replacing River Park development

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A new website also offers a glimpse at the megaproject’s forthcoming buildings

Hill West Architects

Cobble Hill’s Long Island College Hospital (LICH)-replacing megaproject, River Park, unveiled a new website today, and that brings with it a few new renderings, and details on the overall development.

In all, the megaproject is comprised of five different components: The Polhemus Building, that’s being converted into condos; a group of townhouses being developed next to this building will be known as the Polhemus Townhouses; 1 River Park is a 15-story condo with 48 apartments; 2 River Park is the tallest in the megaproject and will rise 475 feet; and 5 River Park will be another 15-story tower with 25 apartments. Check out all the details on each of these buildings below.


↑ 1 River Park, designed by FXCollaborative, has an undulating facade whose shape was, apparently, inspired by the light reflected on the East River. Those shapes translate into balconies for the building’s apartments, some of which measure as large as 300 square feet.

Hill West Architects

↑ 2 River Park, the tallest building in the development, will rise 475 feet, making it one of, if not the tallest buildings in this corner of Brooklyn. The tower will studios, and one- to four-bedroom apartments. It’ll also come with a bevy of amenities, including a “sky park” that will capitalize on the building’s sure-to-be-ridiculous Manhattan views.

Douglas Romines

↑ 5 River Park, designed by Douglas Romines, will be much smaller in scale—it’ll rise just 15 stories, with only 25 “graciously scaled” residences, according to the website. It’ll also have a bevy of high-end amenities, including a “resort pool” and “dual-level garden promenades.”

The developer has also released a new masterplan image, which shows how these buildings fit within the scope of the neighborhood: 1 River Park, on the corner of Hicks Street and Atlantic Avenue, will be closest to the waterfront, while 2 and 5, both of which are located on Henry Street, will sit within the neighborhood itself. The Polhemus building and its adjacent townhouses, also part of the larger River Park project, are depicted as well.