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LinkNYC kiosks will display fantastical, never-built NYC structures

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From I.M. Pei’s Grand Central-replacing colossus to Buckminster Fuller’s Dodgers Dome in Brooklyn, it’s all in here

Via LinkNYC

For its latest campaign, LinkNYC has teamed up with authors Greg Goldin and Sam Lubell to highlight New York structures that were never built. This digital exhibit is a follow up to the release of their book, ‘Never Built New York,’ which came out in 2016, and their subsequent exhibition at the Queens Museum last fall.

In the LinkNYC partnership, these never built projects will be displayed as close as possible to their would be locations in the city. Take for instance I.M. Pei’s Hyperboloid, a 102-story circular tower that would have replaced Grand Central Terminal, and would have been the tallest structure in the world—that will be visible on LinkNYC kiosks near the station.

Other never built structures that have received recognition on LinkNYC’s digital billboards include Moshe Safdie’s Habitat New York 1, an origami-like luxury residence and shopping complex proposed to rise north of Gracie Mansion, on the Upper East Side; and the domed stadium designed by Buckminster Fuller, that would have kept the Dodgers in Brooklyn. Peek at some of the others below.

This is LinkNYC’s latest collaboration following ones with the Museum of the City of New York in March, to honor women activists; and the one with the Department of Records and Information Services (DORIS) last year to show off historic photos of NYC neighborhoods.