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$37M Greenwich Village townhouse sets a new record

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The five-story townhouse surpassed the $34.53 million record set by another townhouse on the same street

Christopher Bride/PropertyShark

A Greenwich Village townhouse has become the most the expensive townhouse sold in downtown Manhattan. A West 10th Street townhouse owned by British interior designer sold for $37.2 million, surpassing a record set by another townhouse on the same street back in 2007, according to the Wall Street Journal, which first reported on the sale.

This five-story townhouse is located between Fifth and Sixth Avenue, and was purchased by the interior designer and her husband, in 2012, for $9.5 million. The couple then spent the next four years planning and executing a revamp of the townhouse; though after all of that was over, they weren’t actually able to live in it long term, and now live outside of the city, according to the WSJ.

The townhouse now has a home theater system, a radiant heat system, including on the stoop, that helps melt snow, a home gym, a wine cellar, and a courtyard. The nearly 10,000-square-foot townhouse, which also comes with an attached carriage house, never officially came on the market, but instead traded hands privately. The new owners intend to use this as their primary residence, according to the WSJ. The sellers were represented by Prime Manhattan Residential.