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Big reveal: $950K for a sun-filled Upper East Side 2BR with custom finishes

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Did you guess correctly?

Photos courtesy Corcoran.

This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a light-filled co-op on the Upper East Side with two bedrooms and two bathrooms—is asking $950,000. The closest guess was from Eulipian, who guessed that the unit was going for $956,000 (the broker later chimed in and revealed the actual price before we could). Many of the guesses were above $1 million, with the highest being $1.4 million guessed by WEA.

Reviews for the apartment were a mixed bunch. Views4Days appreciated the apartment’s natural light and large casement windows, while Trilby16 found there was “something weird” about the space. The views of the neighborhood and the East River were a plus for many and the close proximity to the 6 line’s 96th Street station was another bonus.

So, there you have it. Would you pay $950,000 for this Upper East Side abode? Here’s another look at it: