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Big reveal: $849K for a bright Fort Greene 1BR with contemporary updates

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Did you guess correctly?

Photos courtesy Compass

This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a bright Fort Greene one-bedroom with modern updates—is asking $849,000. No one managed to guess that amount, however, Eulipian came the closest and was off by just $17,000 with a guess of $866,000.

There was an overall positive response to the apartment, though most agreed that the bathroom’s design isn’t the most attractive. Price guesses ranged from $599,000 to $888,888.

“The bathroom tile is my least favorite feature, too, but overall it’s very attractive,” said Trilby16. Newland Archer described the space as having a “likeable but bland personality,” by said that the apartment seems likely to have an easy time finding a young buyer who appreciates its convenient location.

The building resides along South Portland Avenue and is right across the street from the C train’s Lafayette Avenue station.

Knowing the pricing, what are your thoughts? Here’s another look at the space: