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New York State Pavilion’s highly-anticipated restoration is yet to start

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The city’s Parks Department hasn’t yet found the right firm to carry out the complicated restoration project


In 2017, the iconic New York State Pavilion received a little over $14 million for structural repairs and renovation work that would restore it to some of its original glory. Over a year since that announcement, work is yet to get underway. AM New York recently learned that the biggest obstacle since securing funding has been finding the right firm to carry out the restoration project.

Earlier this year, the city’s Parks Department put out a bid for the construction project. Only two firms responded, according to AMNY, and the Parks Department decided that neither of the firms were appropriate for the project. The city is planning to restart the search later this summer, and are hoping to find the perfect fit due to the unique challenges the job might present.

Restoration work on the Pavilion, which is located within Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, in Queens, includes architectural lighting in the three observation towers, and the Tent of Tomorrow; waterproofing for the towers; and structural conservation work. The renovation work won’t offer up unlimited access to the Philip Johnson-designed Pavilion to the public, but it will be the first time in decades that public will have access to the World’s Fair structure.

In a separate project, Heineken raised nearly $40,000 last year to help restore the terrazzo floor at the entryway to the Pavilion.