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NYCHA has more than a lead paint problem to contend with

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Agency officials detailed several other concerns at a monthly board meeting on Wednesday

Wyckoff Gardens NYCHA Jim Henderson / Wikimedia Commons

NYCHA’s lead paint problem is just the tip of the iceberg for the embattled housing agency, officials within the agency revealed on Wednesday. While reading out a letter addressed to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, at a NYCHA monthly board meeting, interim chair Stanley Brezenoff revealed that there were other areas like emergency management and tenant protections that the agency was not in federal compliance with, the New York Times reports.

NYCHA’s leadership also said that there were other areas that could be added to the non-compliance list as NYCHA continues to conduct an internal review into its functionings. The purpose of the letter was to let the federal government know that the agency was not prepared to sign a declaration letter stating that NYCHA was in compliance with some of the areas mentioned above—something the previous NYCHA administration had done.

The new NYCHA leadership said on Wednesday that it was part of an effort to be more transparent, and to also allow the agency to better identify problems and areas for improvement. Brezenoff also reiterated at the meeting that the lead paint problem was still the agency’s most serious concern among its ongoing issues. He also said the other compliance issues did not pose an immediate danger to the more than 400,000 people that call NYCHA buildings their home.

Some of the other problem areas NYCHA identified were staff training, overtime requirements, and procurement bid thresholds, according to Politico.