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Plaster collapses at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall subway station

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This comes just a month after a piece of the station’s ceiling collapsed in June

Photograph by Amy Plitt

It was just last month when pieces of the ceiling at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall subway station collapsed on the Manhattan-bound platform for the 4 and 5 trains, sending a storm of dust and debris into the air and injuring one person. On Thursday afternoon, it was almost déjà vu, only this time around it was a hunk of plaster that fell onto the 4 and 5 train platforms on the Brooklyn-bounds side, reports the Brooklyn Paper.

A transit worker who was on site securing the area after the plaster collapsed told the Brooklyn Paper that no one was injured in the incident and that MTA officials were looking into the incident. Curbed reached out to the MTA in regards to whether the plaster fell from the ceiling or a different part of the station, but has not heard back as of yet.

The Borough Hall station is the oldest subway stop in Brooklyn, and the 4/5 platform opened more than 110 years ago as an extension of the Lexington Avenue line in Manhattan. Following last month’s incident, the MTA pledge to invest $43 million toward repairs for the station, which will include rehabilitating the ceiling to withstand flooding, installing new tiles, replace platform edges, and redesign the station’s turnstile areas.