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Big reveal: $579K for a cozy 1BR in a Park Slope brownstone

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Did you guess correctly?

Photos courtesy Douglas Elliman

This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a small one-bedroom condo residing within a Park Slope brownstone—is asking $579,000. Many of the guesses came close, but it was v.v. who managed to guess the precise asking amount.

When it came to the apartment, opinions varied greatly this week, however, everyone was able to agree that the apartment was incredibly small. “I’d buy it for 550k. Buy white paint for kitchen cabinets and buy storage somewhere because this place is small ….nice apartment nice area ..I like this one,” said Doug bananaboy. On the flip side, Adrastos C was not as impressed, stating whoever could live in such a small space “would have to be just out of mommy and daddy’s house and single with basically no stuff at all.”

The apartment resides on the top floor of a four-story brownstone and the F and G line’s 7th Avenue station is just over 5 minutes away.

Now that we’ve revealed the price? What are your thought? Here’s another look: