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A dozen South Bronx establishments will get $10M worth of upgrades

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The funded projects included local infrastructure, community facilities, and cultural centers

In September last year, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that a section of the South Bronx known as Bronx Civic Center, would receive $10 million in neighborhood upgrades and improvements. Now, nearly a year later, the Governor has announced the specific projects this money will go toward.

The funds, which are part of the state’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative to revitalize downtown neighborhoods throughout the state, will go to 12 different projects which focus on infrastructural improvements, cultural institutions, and job creation, among others.

“The Bronx Civic Center neighborhood is the heart of the bustling Bronx and it must be showcased,” said Governor Cuomo, in a statement. ”These projects will advance the Borough by leaps and bounds, increasing amenities to existing South Bronx residents and bringing further investment and community pride to the Bronx.”

The neighborhood is bounded by 144th Street to the south, 165th Street to the north, the Harlem River on the west, and St. Ann’s Avenue/East Third Avenue on the East. Just some of the projects that will receive these funds include creating a programable sidewalk plaza on the 149th Street Bridge; upgrading the BronxWorks Public Swimming Pool Facility; and improving the community garden at Melrose Common with solar power, Wi-Fi, and rainwater harvesting. To check out a full list of neighborhood projects receiving upgrades, head on over to the Governor’s website.