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This transforming 350-square-foot Soho apartment is fit for all occasions

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The tiny apartment is tricked out with plenty of custom furnishings and high-tech bells and whistles

Christopher Testani for LifeEdited

LifeEdited founder and tiny-living evangelist Graham Hill is at it again: Back in 2012, he made waves with his LifeEdited apartment, measuring 420 square feet but designed to fit 1,100-square-feet of rooms (including a “dining room” that seats 12 and plenty of hidden storage space). Hill then sold the apartment two years later for a whopping $790,000, though the additions he’d made to the place—things like a Murphy bed and a folding dinign table, to the tune of $365,000—were included in the price.

And now, devotees of the minimalist lifestyle have a shot at living in one of Hill’s creations; another co-op that he designed in the same Soho building just listed with Corcoran for $750,000, according to the New York Post.

The new apartment, dubbed LE2—the first one was LE1, or LifeEdited 1—is even smaller than the first, measuring around 350 square feet. But like LE1, LE2 has been purpose-built for a variety of uses, and is billed as “a modern marvel of luxury and high tech,” per the listing. The L-shaped space has a living/sleeping area, as well as a separate kitchen and bathroom.

And like LE1, this place is tricked out with basically every space-saving feature imaginable: Hill included a transforming Murphy bed/couch and folding desks from Resource Furniture (which also furnished Carmel Place, the city’s first micro-unit apartment building), an accordion wall for privacy, and a custom-designed guest bed. (Yes, apparently there’s room for a guest bed.) It also has plenty of techy bells and whistles, including smart lock technology, motorized blinds, and high-end miniature appliances.

But for all of its efficiency and sleek, minimalist style, it’s still a 350-square-foot apartment; while some people can make that work (recall the family of three who squeezed into a 400-square-foot Chelsea studio), it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But given Hill’s success with the first LE pad, it’s likely only a matter of time before another fan of austere living snaps the place up.