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South Street Seaport’s Tin Building relocation begins

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The former home of the Fulton Fish Market will be dismantled piece by piece and moved feet east

Rendering of the rebuilt Tin Building
Rendering of the rebuilt Tin Building
Howard Hughes Corporation/SHoP Architects

The South Street Seaport’s landmarked Tin Building has been slated for transformation since 2016, and it appears its day has finally come.

The New York Post reports, by way of a site visit, that the Tin Building is now being “painstakingly” dismantled by Seaport overlord the Howard Hughes Corporation in order to move it about 33 feet east of its original location. When the relocation is complete, the building will play home to a seafood-themed market helmed by celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten, a play on its past as home to the Fulton Fish Market until 2005.

The relocation will come with a slew of practical upgrades, like flood resiliency protections and cosmetic improvements. It will also move the building slightly away from FDR Drive allowing for a less obstructed view of the structure and a more appealing public plaza at its entrance.

The relocation of the building will be coupled with a renovation by SHoP Architects that will help restore some of its historic characteristics lost in a 1995 fire; it was further damaged by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

The relocation and modification of the Tin Building has been contentious from the start among preservation groups. Local activist group Friends of the South Street Seaport have contended, since the relocation of the landmark was approved in March 2016, that HHC hasn’t acted totally above board with the site.

In late 2016 the group cried foul when HHC tried to reshuffle some paperwork with the City Planning Commission that they believed would allow HHC to circumvent a more comprehensive review process from the city in relocating the building.

The updated Tin Building is set to open in 2020.

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