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In Harlem, 17-story residential building poised to rise

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The rental building will be one of the tallest in the neighborhood

Via Google Maps

A ground-up, 17-story residential building is set to rise on West 125th Street, near Malcolm X Boulevard, making it one of the tallest buildings in the area. YIMBY first reported on the plans being filed for the residential project at 56 West 125th Street.

The project is being developed by the Jay Group, and plans filed with the city’s Department of Buildings identify Charles Mallea as the architect. The building will have a total of 141 apartments, which will measure 716 square feet on average—YIMBY says this indicates rentals.

Aside from the apartments, the building will also have ground-floor retail, parking for 71 bicycles, and recreation spaces for residents in the building. At present, the development site is home to a four-story structure with retail at the base. Demolition plans for that were filed and approved in May this year, so it seems that work will get underway at the site shortly.

The residential building will be one of the few tall buildings in the surrounding area. It will sit across from the 14-story structure at 55 West 125th Street; further west at the intersection of Seventh Avenue and West 126th Street is the 19-story Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building, and diagonally across from that are the 13-story Theresa Towers, all of which are among the tallest structures in this area.