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Michael Kors shows off his ‘practical, indulgent’ Greenwich Village penthouse

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The renowned fashion designer opted for neutral colors throughout and photographs that pay homage to New York

Photos courtesy Architectural Digest

Renowned luxury fashion designer Michael Kors may originally helm from Long Island, but he’s spent most of his life living in lower Manhattan. He and husband Lance LePere recently opened up the doors of their Greenwich Village penthouse to Architectural Digest, where the pair show off their elegant yet down-to-earth style and how Kors’s love for New York is manifested in their home.

Tapping AD100 architect S. Russell Groves, the couple sought to craft a space that exuded both practicality and elegance. The idea was to outfit their two-bedroom abode with simple flourishes while also giving the space a warm and mildly indulgent feel. “We wanted a casual formality, that tug-of-war between practicality and indulgence, comfort and rigor. If it’s all one or the other, I’m bored,” said Kors.

Since both Kors and LePere spend their days working with color, they’ve opted to fill their space with neutral colors. From the kitchen to the living room to the bedrooms, beige, browns, and hints of black outfit the entirety of the apartment. The walls in the foyer are lined with photography from the couple’s collection while the powder room and hallways are highlighted with Polaroids taken by Andy Warhol that remind Kors of the New York he moved to.

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