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See the evolution of NYC’s skyline in this museum exhibit

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The Skyscraper Museum’s newest exhibition examines the evolution of Manhattan’s skyline past, present, and future

Max Touhey

New York City’s skyline is ever-changing with dozens of new developments constantly being added to the scene, causing things as we know it to shift. A new exhibition from the Skyscraper Museum takes a look at how Manhattan’s skyline can be examined under various points in time that were influenced by a variety of factors.

SKYLINE, as the exhibition has been named, “distinguishes five periods in which new buildings grow and take characteristic forms based on economic, technological, and regulatory factors,” says a press release. “The exhibition traces the overarching story of Manhattan’s high-rise growth from small to tall, and taller. Cycles of boom and bust created the crowded clusters of Downtown and Midtown and today energize both geographies such as Hudson Yards and a new typology of super-slender residential towers...”

The exhibition consists of a series of 10-foot-tall historical and modern-day panoramic photos of Manhattan’s skyline that were taken fro the same vantage over more than 100 years. The images are then aligned and overlaid “so they become markers of the ascent of the skyline,” says the museum.

Screenshots via Skyscraper Museum

SKYLINE examines the rise of buildings in five different eras that date anywhere between the late 1800s all the way up to today—showcasing everything from the earliest skyscrapers, which rose near City Hall Park in 1874, to the modernist glass towers that are on the rise today.

Catch SKYLINE at the Skyscraper Museum through January 2019.