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Big reveal: $899K for a West Village co-op with a flexible floorplan

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Did you guess correctly?

Among the many guesses for this week’s Pricespotter apartment—a one-bedroom located in a six-story walkup on Leroy Street—it was NYCsince1983 who managed to guess the $899,000 asking price.

While many people believed that the co-op was in a good location, very few were impressed by the floorplan. “This is basically a 400-square-foot apartment, if you consider that the max width is 20 feet,” said IncredulousInNYC. “It’s a really small one-bedroom, and selling it as a two-bedroom is laughable.” Trilby16 wasn’t thrilled with the kitchen, stating, “I think the bar is literally a piece of a bar’s bar. Very ugly, and impractical for extra prep space. But the place has nice sunlight.”

On the bright side, its location puts it in close vicinity to transit options, plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment.

So, would you pay $899,000 for this abode? Here’s one more look at it: