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First look at International Center of Photography’s Essex Crossing home

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The ICP is relocating to 242 Broome Street early next year


Last fall, we finally learned that the International Center of Photography would take over the cultural center portion of Essex Crossing’s 242 Broome Street, an aspect of the project that had been shrouded in mystery for quite some time. Now, almost a year later, we have the first look at the ICP’s new, SHoP Architects-designed home that’s currently under construction on the Lower East Side.

The new space is connected to the main condo building at 242 Broome Street, but also stands as an independent structure that stretches the entire length of the block on Broome Street, between Essex Street and Ludlow Street.

On the Essex Street side, the ICP has a glass curtain wall, which shows off the interiors of the space from a distance. The Ludlow Street side meanwhile is composed of folded aluminum panels, which seem to reference and complement the facade of the condo building.

The two structures will be connected by what is called “Soho Stairs,” which will run the height of the ICP building. Upon the conclusion of its fall programming, the ICP will relocate from its current home at 250 Bowery to this new space. In the summer of 2019, the ICP will also move its school from Midtown to this building, to consolidate its operations under one roof. In addition to the space in the cultural building, the ICP will also occupy part of the base in the main condo building, which recently welcomed its first set of residents.