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Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Squibb Bridge temporarily shutters for repairs

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The bridge re-opened last year after three years of repairs only to shutter again earlier this month

Amy Plitt

It seems like Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Squibb Bridge just can’t seem to stay open long enough. In April 2017, the bridge re-opened after three years of repairs, and now just a little over a year after that the bridge has closed yet again.

This time however, the closing is only temporary (we hope!). On July 16, the president of Brooklyn Bridge Park, Eric Landau, announced on the park’s website that a routine inspection of the bridge had revealed a piece of wood in poor condition. The bridge was then temporarily closed off until the park’s engineers completed testing and analysis.

On July 31, the park provided another update: a preliminary stabilization measure had been installed, but to be extra careful the park was also going to examine the wood on the rest of the bridge. For now, there isn’t a set timeline for when the bridge will reopen, but park officials are hopeful that the ongoing analysis will provide a more concrete timeline in the coming weeks.

The bridge first opened in March 2013, but was closed just 17 months later for being too bouncy. The bridge returned three years later with a lot less bounce, but it’s still very popular with park goers who use to get between Pier 1 and Brooklyn Heights. Some park goers expressed their frustration on Twitter.