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This West Village pad comes with its own robotic furniture system

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Meet Ori, a new furniture system that can transform studio apartment living

Courtesy of Corcoran

This West Village one-bedroom takes the concept of home tech to the next level: The property, listed for $1.368 million, incorporates Ori, a robotic furniture system that was designed to, as our Curbed colleagues put it, “make urban studio apartments much more flexible and appealing.”

Depending on your frame of reference, this can either be really weird or really cool. The all-in-one-system serves a variety of purposes—desk, storage, bookshelf, and even bed—and is controlled by Amazon’s Echo or Google Home. (The promo video that Ori created to go along with the system has the user asking Alexa to make the bed, and Alexa happily obliges.)

“We’re focused on designing comprehensive robotic interiors for both life and work,” Ori founder and CEO Hasier Larrea says.

The Ori system in this apartment, located at 222 West 14th Street, is one of only a handful in private residences. (They’ve been installed in some apartments at the Eugene, the high-rise rental at Manhattan West.) The unit resembles an oversized armoire, with a set of cabinets on one side and a desk and shelving on the other. Inside, it has a queen-sized bed, and tons of storage space.

The apartment itself is an oversized studio, with the Ori system separating the living room and the dining/kitchen area. On the downside, there’s only one window in the place; on the upside, it has plenty of closet space, room for a Murphy bed, a nice bathroom, and a gas fireplace.

The apartment is listed with Corcoran’s Saez-Fromm Team, and there’s an open house on August 22 at 6:30 p.m. if you want to see what, exactly, a robotic furniture system looks like in action.