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Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 condo unveils an interactive sales gallery

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The waterfront condo is making swift progress at the end of Atlantic Avenue

Photos by Brian Witmuss for Gotham Photo Company

Now that the battle over the money-making developments at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 has ended, those buildings—one a condo tower designed by ODA New York, and one with market-rate condos affordable rentals—have made swift progress. Sales launched on the former, now known as Quay Tower, in June, and now, a sales gallery has opened and offers a peek at what to expect once the project is complete.

The gallery is located at the base of One Brooklyn Bridge Park, just across from where Quay Tower is now rising. Inside, there’s a ground-floor space that’s open to the public—it has a small play area, maps of the surrounding neighborhood, and, apparently, a “large-scale photobooth inspired by the building’s namesake” (a “quay” is “a structure built parallel to the bank of a waterway for use as a landing place,” per Merriam-Webster).

And similar to what we’ve seen at other sales “experiences” (notably Hudson Yards), the one at Quay Tower has some interactive bells and whistles. There’s a 3D map, visualizations that point out neighborhood landmarks, and a “video wall” that shows off the amenities. Since buyers are still, at this point, buying into the idea of a residence rather than something that is fully built and fleshed out, this is meant to give them an idea of what life in those apartments might be like.

Model rooms were designed by by AD 100 team Marmol Radziner, which is behind the interiors for the larger project, those include a kitchen, living room, four bathrooms, and the elevator cab that will be available to residents of the west-facing apartments—those will have their own private elevator entryways.

A handful of apartments are publicly listed right now, with prices ranging from $2.115 million for a two-bedroom to $7.92 million for a five-bedroom. Construction at the 28-story tower is progressing on schedule, according to a spokesperson for the project, with move-ins expected next year.