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Sutton Place skyscraper drama continues with new lawsuit

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Locals residents are making yet another push to get construction on the tower halted

Gamma Real Estate

Back in June, the city’s Board of Standards and Appeals cleared the path for the contested 800-foot Sutton Place tower that developers Gamma Real Estate are constructing in Midtown East to move forward, however residents are still putting up a fight.

The East River Fifties Alliance, the community group that was spearheading the rezoning proposal and the opposition to Gamma’s project, is pushing back against the board’s decision and has filed a lawsuit to stop the condo tower from taking shape, reports Crain’s.

The suit, filed on Sunday, is requesting that a judge order construction on the tower to halt once again, and require any future work on the site be compliance with new zoning laws. The East River Fifties Alliance and similar neighborhood groups have an issue with the height of 3 Sutton Place, with many nearby property owners stating that the massive structure will ruin the views that the low-rise neighborhood offers.

Those opposed to the project have argued in the past that Gamma skirted rules by rushing to complete as much of its foundation as possible before the new zoning rules went into effect in December. Additionally, they argue that the board should not have given Gamma Real Estate an extra six months to complete its foundation, and wrongfully allowed the development to be grandfathered into old zoning rules.