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Developers will lobby for bigger buildings in Gowanus Canal rezoning

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A group of property owners are concerned that the forthcoming rezoning will not allow for enough density

Eastern Effects Gowanus tour Photo by Max Touhey

In June, the Department of City Planning released its framework for its plans to rezone the Gowanus Canal area, and while it mentioned things like creating more open, green spaces and requiring new residential developments to have an affordable housing component, it did not make any mention of the density levels that the city will allow for along the canal. To ensure that the city allows for greater density than is allowed under current zoning rules, developers are banding together to lobby for the right to construct larger buildings under new zoning rules for the area.

According to Crain’s, a group of developers who have acquired property in the neighborhood are concerned that the city’s plan may not allow for enough density to offset the cost of erecting new buildings on major development sites. The city has stated that it is seeking to permit building of “moderate” scale to rise along the canal—about eight to 10 stories in height. Property Markets Group, All Year Management, the Domain Companies, and Monadnock Development are planning to work together to get their concerns addressed before the new zoning rules are set in stone.

The city’s outline for the rezoning suggests requiring developers of land along the canal to be required to pay for a 40-foot-wide public promenade that will run along both sides of the canal, install systems that prevent untreated waste from their developments to overflow into the waterway during storms, and possibly have to offer some light manufacturing space to preserve some of the area’s industrial character.

Curbed reached out to the aforementioned developers for a comment. Monadnock Development declined to comment, while no request was received from the others.