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Big reveal: $620K for an airy Midtown East studio with a private terrace

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Did you guess correctly?

This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a railroad-style studio in Turtle Bay with a private terrace—is asking $620,000. While many of the guesses were close, no one managed to come up with the precise asking amount, though coleco came very close with a guess of $625,000.

The apartment is located within a building on East 46th Street between First and Second avenues. Overall, the feedback on the space was positive, though there were a few that weren’t impressed. “Dated and dreary, although dreary could be the paint color, decor and/or lousy photography. Outdoor space is OK but I wouldn’t pay a lot for it at this price point,” said REobsessed. “Cute place. Love the terrace (though I’d remove that bamboo fencing because it’s blocking the view and light) and I even like the gray walls and brown-tiled kitchen,” said NYCsince1983.

Almost everyone agreed that the $1,300/month maintenance fee was high for a studio, and the terrace was seen as a nice perk.

So there you have it. Is this Midtown East studio worthy of its $620,000 price tag? Here’s another look at the place: