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Condo on East Village gas explosion site gets LPC approval

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The seven-story building will bring 21 new apartments to the neighborhood

Morris Adjmi Architects

A Morris Adjmi-designed residential building that was proposed for the site leveled by the East Village gas explosion in 2015 was approved by the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission, on Tuesday.

Adjmi first presented his designs to the LPC on July 10. At that time, the LPC felt that the color of the exterior brick was “morose,” and that the architect needed to change the design on the corner windows. The LPC also asked Adjmi to identify a spot on the building where a permanent plaque would rest to recognize the two people that lost their lives in the 2015 explosion.

Adjmi’s team returned Tuesday with all those changes in hand. The building’s facade is now a lot brighter than the previous iteration. In addition, the curvy corner windows have now disappeared and have now been replaced by the more traditional windows broken up by masonry that are more common to the East Village. In addition, Adjmi has also designed a plaque that would rest next to the retail space on the front facade of the building, facing Second Avenue.

As plans stand now, the Nexus Building Development project will stand seven-stories tall and bring 21 condos to the East Village. The only suggestion the LPC made on Tuesday was that the railings on the building’s penthouse be set back, which will be dealt with by the architect and the LPC, at staff level.