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In Bushwick, 41 affordable apartments at Rheingold Brewery site up for grabs from $1,432

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The affordable units are a mix of studios through three-bedrooms

Via ND Architecture & Design

The Rabsky Group-developed building at 115 Stanwix Street, part of the redevelopment of the former Rheingold Brewery site in Bushwick, will offer 41 affordable studios through three-bedrooms through the city’s affordable housing lottery. The units are open to New Yorkers earning either 80 or 130 percent of the area median income income (AMI) and will be accepting applications between September 12 and November 12.

Under the 80 percent AMI bracket, there are no studios up for grabs, however, there are 11 one-bedrooms that rent for $1,432/month, 3 two-bedrooms renting for $1,718/month, and 2 three-bedrooms that each rent for $1,985/month. As for the 130 percent AMI bracket, there are 2 studios that each go for $2,171/month, 17 one-bedrooms renting for $2,327, 4 two-bedrooms for $2,791/month, and 2 three-bedrooms with rent priced at $3,225. Incomes can range anywhere between $49,098 and $157,300, depending on household size, apartment size, and the qualify AMI bracket.

The massive building encompasses nearly an entire block and was designed by ND Architecture and Design. There are 95 apartments within the six-story structure and amenities will include a laundry center, gym, resident’s lounge, business space, and a theater room.