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YouTube star Casey Neistat shows off his muted Manhattan apartment

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The filmmaker and his wife have found “suburban zen” in Battery Park City

Photos by Emily Gilbert for Architectural Digest

You might not expect filmmaker Casey Neistat’s home to be a serene, 20th-floor aerie in a Battery Park City building. The YouTube star is best known for his first-person videos that put him in unusual situations, like skiing through Times Square during a blizzard; he’s hardly the person you’d associate with “quiet and tranquil” or “laid-back luxe.”

But that’s exactly what his home, which he shares with his wife, jewelry designer Candice Pool, and children is. In an interview with, the couple opens up their home—which AD describes as “suburbia gone sky-high”—and it’s very much the “antithesis” of Neistat’s working environment, a loft in Soho, according to the filmmaker.

The couple worked with interior designer Daun Curry to revamp the three-bedroom, three and a half bathroom apartment after purchasing it in 2017, and though it is “quiet and tranquil” (AD’s words), there are some surprising touches—black wainscoting, colorful wallpaper, pops of color throughout and a gold skateboard sculpture that they found on the Lower East Side.

“You don’t understand how many times a week I walk in here and say, ‘I love this apartment,’” Neistat told AD. “I’ve been in New York for almost 20 years, and I’ve only just survived in the city. This is the first apartment where I feel like I’m living in New York.”