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Big reveal: $995K for a renovated Upper West Side co-op

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Did you guess the correct asking price?

Photos courtesy Brown Harris Stevens

This week’s Pricespotter apartment—a spacious one-bedroom on the Upper West Side with a spiffy new renovation—is asking $995,000. Among the many guesses, several of which were very close, it was Conformist who managed to get it right.

Feedback for the West 77th Street co-op was pretty positive overall, though commenters did point out areas that could be improved. “Personally, I’m not nuts about the very-open plan. I don’t really see a dining space other than the bar. But it’s tasteful overall,” said Trilby16. Others, like WEA and fake_estate, felt that the kitchen was unreasonably large for a one-bedroom and would’ve been better if it was scaled down some to make room for a dining area. Additionally, several folks agreed that the hallway leading to the bedroom was wasted space.

Knowing the actual price, do you think this apartment warrants a nearly seven-figure price tag? Here’s one more look at what you get: