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These NYC neighborhoods offer the most bang for your buck

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The top 10 features an equal mix of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan


Affordable neighborhoods in New York City that also have a high quality built-in infrastructure are hard to come by. Thankfully for us,, the website that provides holistic insights on NYC addresses, has created a list of the top 10 relatively affordable neighborhoods in NYC that have a lot of different factors going in their favor.

In creating their list, considered a variety of factors including commute times to major employment hubs, the crime rate, whether the neighborhood has farmers markets, and access to parks, among other factors.

Topping that list is Windsor Terrace in Brooklyn. analysts and urban planners noted the neighborhood’s “leafy streets,” access to the F and G trains, the bike-friendly streets, the Windsor Terrace Food Coop and Bartel-Pritchard Square farmers’ market, and access to Green-Wood Cemetery as the major contributing factors toward the neighborhood clinching the pole position. The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment in this neighborhood is about $2,325/month.

Views from Roosevelt Island cable tram car.

Roosevelt Island came in second place. The fact that the island sitting below the Queensboro Bridge came in second may come as a surprise to most but identified the abundance of parks and its tranquil setting among the contributing factors. The website said the island will only get better as the Cornell Tech campus brings more resources to the area and as the library on the island gets a major revamp. The median rent for a one-bedroom sits at $2,450/month.

Station Square in the Forest Hills, Queens.

Forest Hills, in Queens, followed in third position. says it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in the city and has a wide variety of homes, including Tudors and red-brick apartment buildings. Other features include the mix of independent and big-box stores, and a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from. The median rent here is $1,970/month.

Other neighborhoods that made the top 10 are Bay Ridge, Clinton Hill, Flushing, Washington Heights, Bedford Park, Woodhaven, and Concourse. In selecting these neighborhoods, created an “affordability score,” based on the following factors: commute, green score, safety, quietness and bikeability. Neighborhoods that featured in their analysis of the 25 most expensive neighborhoods in the city were removed as were neighborhoods with populations under 10,000.