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See the old Tappan Zee Bridge come down in a controlled explosion

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The old span of the cantilever bridge is gone

Goodbye, Tappan Zee Bridge; hello, Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.

This morning, the old, remaining span of the erstwhile Tappan Zee went out with a bang—albeit a small, anticlimactic one one—as a controlled demolition brought the last bits of the cantilever bridge down. It’s been slated for demolition since for several years, since plans for a new span connecting Westchester and Rockland counties was announced.

A new bridge didn’t open until 2017, and it’s taken until now for the old span—which opened in 1962—to come down. It was originally due to be demolished over the weekend, but high winds prevented that from happening.

Unlike the felling of the Kosciuszko Bridge in 2017, which happened with much fanfare and appearances from city and state officials (including Gov. Andrew Cuomo), today’s bridge demolition was a much quieter affair; Cuomo, who’s likely prepping for his State of the State address, wasn’t on hand.

But let’s get to the explosion: In the video below, you’ll want to scroll to the 33-minute mark to catch the demo—it happens quickly, in about 10-15 seconds: