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One of 432 Park’s 95th-floor penthouses sells for $10M under asking price

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Apartment 95B was originally asking $40.75 million


One of the uberpricey apartments at 432 Park Avenue has sold for a significant discount.

According to city property records, apartment #95B, a half-floor penthouse with three bedrooms and three-and-a-half bathrooms, sold for just over $30 million. The 95th floor abode was asking as much as $40.75 million when it hit the market in December, so the buyer got a hefty deal on this purchase.

The apartment was originally part of a full-floor unit within the Harry Macklowe-developed building that was seeking a whopping $82 million. However, the condo was eventually split into apartment #95A and #95B, priced at $41.25 million and $40.75 million, respectively. The two condos are both three bedrooms and come with windowed eat-in kitchens, a library, and access to the building’s spate of posh amenities. The primary difference between the two units are the views, with one offering north-facing views and the other with south-facing views.

The buyer behind the purchase is shielded behind an LLC.

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