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Neil Simon’s three Manhattan co-ops hit the market

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The late playwright maintained three properties in Park Avenue’s Ritz Tower

Courtesy of Stribling & Associates

Three Manhattan apartments owned by the late playwright Neil Simon have hit the market following his death last year. Who needs three apartments? Neil Simon, and each of the units in the Ritz Tower at 465 Park Avenue served a different use to the author of Brighton Beach Memoirs and The Odd Couple.

Simon entered into the co-op in the 1980s when he purchased apartment 14B, a three-bedroom (or two-bedroom with an office) spread with a herringbone wood-floor entry gallery and two delightfully dated bathrooms. It was here where he and his fourth wife, Elaine Simon, lived and spent most of their time. It’s asking $2.6 million.

The other two units came onto the scene later with the two-bedroom apartment at 14D, on the market for $1.5 million, serving as a lodging for guests and the 31st floor two-bedroom apartment with mostly open-air views acting as Simon’s writing office. It’s seeking $2.8 million.

From top left, clockwise: A bathroom of Simon’s personal residence; The living area of Simon’s guest apartment; The penthouse Simon used as a writing space.

“He lived to write. He probably didn’t care where he was,” Janice Silver of Stribling, the agent for the three listings, told the Wall Street Journal. It was important to Elaine that they separate work from home, and the penthouse office arose as a solution.

Simon is selling the apartments because she’s been spending more time on the west coast, where the couple also maintained property. Silver does not expect that the apartments will be purchased by a single buyer.