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Open thread: What should Hudson Yards’s staircase be called?

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Vessel is no longer, and Thomas Heatherwick’s sculpture is in need of a name

Max Touhey

When it opens in a little less than two months, Thomas Heatherwick’s architectural curiosity at Hudson Yards—a 150-foot tall interactive sculpture that’s made of 154 interconnected flights of stairs—will undoubtedly be one of the more talked-about pieces of the megaproject’s first phase.

Just don’t call it Vessel: Developer Related Companies has yet to settle on a name for the attraction, per a report from 6sqft. In recent weeks, the extremely literal name “New York’s Staircase” was used to describe the piece in press releases, and that name has appeared on the official Hudson Yards website for some time now.

But a Related rep told 6sqft that Vessel—and, apparently, “New York’s Staircase”—were intended as placeholders, and that “[w]e’re excited to have the public help us with a name.”

So let’s help them: What should this attraction be called? Here’s one idea to get us started: