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Hudson Square condo featured on Showtime’s ‘Billions’ wants $3.2M

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The apartment played home to droll hedge funder Mafee on the popular Showtime series

The Corcoran Group

Television shows set in New York have a history of bending the facts when it comes to setting up realistic digs for their main characters. But that’s not the case with Billions, the Showtime show about a hedge funder billionaire and the U.S. Attorney who’s trying to ensnare him—and that’s because everyone depicted on that show is, well, rich.

So it’s only fitting that Mafee, a mid-level employee of the show’s central hedge fund, can himself afford a multi-million dollar apartment. And that condo of Mafee’s, by today’s standards, runs exactly $3.2 million. We know this because the actual apartment used to stage Mafee’s residence just hit the market for that asking price with Corcoran’s Kristin Miller and Scott Stewart.

The apartment is at The Urban Glasshouse at 330 Spring Street in Hudson Square (or Soho, depending on how much you buy into microhoods), and is the last building designed by master architect Philip Johnson. The 1,722-square-foot apartment features interior design by Annabelle Selldorf, including a moveable wall that conceals the master suite and a sleek open kitchen with stainless steel appliances and countertops (the latter of which also appear in the nearby Soho condo of Selldorf’s design, 42 Crosby.)

The two-bedroom, two and a half bathroom corner condo also comes with a built out home office with T1 internet and lighting integrated into its shelving. A small powder room with the apartment’s washer and dryer appears off of the entry foyer.

The sixth floor apartment also comes with high-tech amenities like a built-in iPad that controls the blinds, the Lutron lighting system, the Sonos system, and the HVAC.

Spring Street

Spring Street, , England W2