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West Village parking garage with megamansion aspirations seeks $49.95M

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The parking garage on West 11th Street could become an enormous single-family home

“One of the last mega-mansion opportunities in the West Village” (heaven forbid) has just hit the market, and despite a general downturn in the luxury real estate market, it’s got an ambitious price tag. The property at 332 West 11th Street is asking a whopping $49.95 million.

Currently, the site is home to a parking garage and an auto detailing shop, one of the few businesses of that kind in lower Manhattan. The seller is Jack Jakub, the owner of the parking garage, whose past clients have reportedly included Leonardo DiCaprio and Julianne Moore.

But it could become something that’s much more grand: According to the listing, the building has 13-foot ceilings, 50 feet of frontage on 11th Street, an English basement, and buildable space on the roof for a “setback penthouse with an incredible outdoor space.” Proposed floor plans that accompany the listing show what it could become: a gigantic single-family home with a five-car garage (with Tesla charging stations, because of course), a gym, and other bonkers amenities.

Still, the sellers could face an uphill battle finding a buyer for the property: A similar property, the “one-of-a-kind” townhouse at 134 Charles Street, has been on and off the market since 2014, most recently reappearing back in October asking $80 million. And while uber-expensive properties are still finding buyers around the city—witness the sale of the $59 million penthouse at the Getty last year—the demand is dwindling.

Should a buyer snap this property up, however, it’d be the latest in a long line of parking garages that have been transformed into residences.