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For $67M, an opulent Upper East Side mansion with Thierry Despont renovation

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The 13,000-square-foot home has a ‘resort-style’ fitness center, among other over-the-top perks

Photos courtesy of Corcoran

When you picture an Upper East Side mansion, a few things probably come to mind: a classically-inspired facade, possibly made of limestone; a grand, winding staircase; opulent decorative details, including a fireplace or two; and even more opulent amenities, which could include a pool, a spa, a greenhouse, or all of the above.

This particular Upper East Side mansion, located at 12 East 63rd Street, has all of that and more, thanks to a renovation by Thierry Despont (the architect behind the Woolworth Building’s high-end condos) and Pierre-Yves Rochon (who’s largely worked on hospitality projects, including multiple Four Seasons Hotels). As you might expect, it’s asking a pretty penny; the 13,000-square-foot home has a price tag of $67 million, and is co-listed with Corcoran’s Carrie Chiang and Douglas Elliman’s Richard Steinberg team.

A living area with multiple couches and chairs. There is a fireplace and bookshelves. There are floor to ceiling windows and curtains. Photo: Courtesy of Corcoran

This isn’t the first time this particular “trophy home,” as the brokerbabble calls it, has been on the market: As we previously reported, “In 2005 a developer bought the down-on-its-luck townhouse at 12 East 63rd Street for $8.8 million, slapped a new limestone facade on the building and aimed to sell it off as luxury condos.” It later sold for $20 million, got its current over-the-top renovation, and listed in 2016 for $77 million. Now, it’s back with a slightly lower price tag.

As for the basics: There are seven bedrooms, more than 10 bathrooms, an elevator connecting its six floors (and roof terrace), formal living and dining rooms, and a massive gym with a swimming pool in the basement (hey, that’s basic in a mansion). Its more over-the-top features include a full-floor “master suite” with its own private terrace; a Tuscan-inspired portico overlooking the living room; a full bar; and a massage room.