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Explore the history of every East Village building with this tool

East Village Building Blocks gives a detailed glimpse into the history of 2,200 neighborhood buildings


The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation (GVSHP) has released a new online tool that details historic information about every one of the East Village’s 2,200 buildings. The tool, called “East Village Building Blocks,” gives a look at both present day and historic photos, while offering information like the original architect, date of construction, original use, alterations over time, and any other significant information tied to the building and/or its site.

According to GVSHP, the interactive tool has been in the making for ten years and involved “primary source research on every building.” That hard work paid off because now buildings—including houses of worship, theaters, libraries, schools, and everything in between—can be searched by address, architect, building type, cultural groups, significant figures, and types of activities associated with the it.

For instance, the tool highlights the history of the First Houses, an East Village development located at 130 East Third Street, that is credited with being the first public housing units constructed in the United States. The development was designed by Frederick L. Ackerman and dates back to 1935; it was declared a New York City landmark in 1974.

The launch of East Village Building Blocks coincided with the release of a report written by architectural historian Francis Morrone and funded by a grant from Preserve New York. The report, entitled “A History of the East Village and Its Architecture,” along with the interactive tool, are part of efforts to “raise awareness and appreciation of the East Village’s rich history, and to advocate for its preservation.”

Check out the tool here.