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Stately Flatiron co-op with art-filled past wants $7.2M

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The apartment has a large studio space and a gallery

A room filled with art pieces and sculptures, with yellow walls and colorful rugs. Photos courtesy of Joel Pitra/DDReps/Compass

A co-op with tons of personality—and an art-filled history—in a Beaux Arts building has hit the market, asking $7.2 million.

Its latest owner, Pablo Picasso biographer and art historian Sir John Richardson, died in March, according to the New York Times. He filled the apartment with a museum’s worth of works from artists like Andy Warhol, Salvator Rosa, Kathy Ruttenberg, and Picasso himself. The listing’s photos show the multiple art pieces, sculptures, busts, and artifacts that decorate the place—though, of course, none of them come with the apartment.

The 5,400-square-foot apartment occupies an entire floor, and has four bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, and a large living room. Currently, it’s set up as a two-bedroom with a large studio space, a gallery, and a library. Its interiors are a mix of traditional and whimsical, with dark oak floors, doric columns, colorful walls and tiles, mahogany doors, and large windows.

In Richardson’s obituary, the Times described the apartment as “a grand enfilade of rooms overflowing with everything from Picassos and Braques to flea-market finds he had collected from every corner of the globe.” Richardson spent the past 20 years between the Manhattan property and his Connecticut house, the Times said.

This unique apartment at 73 Fifth Avenue is a block away from Union Square Park. Jeffrey Stockwell, Jill Bernard, and Alan Shaker of Compass have the listing. Maintenance charges are $4,571/month.

A room with bright yellow walls, two busts, and several artifacts decorating the room.
The apartment is filled with art pieces, owned by its previous owner, the late Picasso biographer Sir John Richardson.
A room with a wooden table, several chairs, large windows, multiple art pieces hanging on the walls, and artifacts decorating the place.
The full-floor property has dark oak floors and it’s filled with art pieces, busts, and artifacts.
A corner in one of the rooms with yellow walls, a table with a colorful cloth, a black and white rug, and multiple art pieces hanging on the wall.
A chair that resembles a canopy bed, a table, and multiple artifacts around the room.
A large room with multiple windows, a large painting hanging on the wall, several couches, a red rug, and art pieces including busts decorating the area.

The apartment has large windows and colorful walls.