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Rental inventory is up across New York City—but so are prices

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Plus, Apple and Facebook are fighting over Midtown office space—and more intel in today’s New York Minute news roundup

Richard Cavalleri

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Looking for a spacious apartment? Head to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn now has more two-bedroom apartments than Manhattan, according to a new analysis from StreetEasy.

Why does this matter? If you’re looking for an apartment with roommates—or simply want some extra space—you might be better served looking in Brooklyn than elsewhere. (It beats Queens by a mile, too.) According to the firm’s analysis, there are more than 12,000 two-beds in Brooklyn, compared to fewer than 10,000 in Manhattan.

But Manhattan has the other boroughs beat when it comes to luxury studios, a class of apartment that has a somewhat limited clientele. There are just over 7,000 of those for rent in the borough, and close to 14,000 one-bedrooms. In the latter category, Brooklyn has just over 10,000 options.

In all categories, though, inventory has gone up—but so, too, have rents, by about 3 percent year-over-year, according to StreetEasy. Hence that whole needing roommates thing.

And in other news…

  • Facebook isn’t the only tech firm that wants to take over the office space at the Farley Post Office revamp; Apple is also reportedly eyeing the space.
  • The MTA will study whether passenger rail service can be restored to a freight line that runs between Bay Ridge and Ridgewood—and proponents of the Triboro, a proposed rail line that would connect three boroughs, are pleased.
  • Despite evidence to the contrary, Arthur Schwartz, the 14th Street busway’s biggest foe, says the car-free pilot is making traffic on surrounding streets worse.
  • Tommy Hilfiger’s penthouse at the Plaza Hotel sold to “the nation’s largest private owner of auto dealerships,” apparently.
  • Here’s the view from the top of the tallest tower in Nomad.