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Netflix will briefly reopen Midtown’s shuttered Paris Theater

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Plus, why black homeowners are being targeted for fraud—and more intel in today’s New York Minute news roundup

Midtown’s Paris Theater
Ajay Suresh/Wikimedia Commons

Netflix revives Midtown’s historic Paris Theater

Manhattan’s last single-screen cinema is making a come back after shuttering in August.

Netflix has negotiated a deal to open midtown’s historic Paris Theater for a limited run of the streaming giant’s Noah Baumbach-directed movie Marriage Story—starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver.

The film will begin its run at the 581-seat theater on November 6, and could potentially keep its doors open longer if Netflix can convince the building’s owner, real estate tycoon Sheldon Solow’s organization, to screen additional productions, the Daily News reports.

The sudden revival of the Paris Theater is Netflix’s answer to major chains refusing to screen the company’s award-contending films. Those complexes have argued that a month isn’t long enough to roll out Netflix’s films, and want the company to abide by a 90-day buffer between debuting films in theaters and launching them on its streaming platform.

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