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Pier 55’s Thomas Heatherwick-designed park is taking shape

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Plus, Corey Johnson's master streets plan moves forward—and more intel in today’s New York Minute news roundup

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A park in the Hudson River inches forward

The futuristic Pier 55 park designed by Thomas Heatherwick and financed by billionaire mogul Barry Diller is taking shape on the Hudson River. Installation of the concrete supports, known as pots, that will give the 2.4-acre pier its undulating look is nearing completion, according to Field Construction. A recent visit by the blog shows much of the structure’s perimeter is in place.

All told, 132 pots will be erected. Those structures, arriving on site by way of barge, shipped from upstate New York. The supports were fabricated at the Fort Miller Company concrete plant in Easton, N.Y. Each pot was shaped in a custom mold—the largest of the supports rises to 30 feet and weighs a whopping 90 tons. After making their southward journey by barge, a 350-ton crane hoisted the pots into place in the Hudson River near the Meatpacking District.

Installation is expected to wrap up in March 2020. New Yorkers can expect to set foot on the park, which will be realized by landscape architect firm MNLA, by spring 2021.

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