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Facebook leases 1.5M square feet in Hudson Yards

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The tech giant will lease space at three of the megaproject’s buildings

Hudson Yards
Max Touhey

Facebook has officially signed a lease at Hudson Yards, confirming reports from earlier this year.

The tech giant confirmed that it will lease more than 1.5 million square feet of office space across 30 floors and three buildings at Hudson Yards: 1.2 million square feet in 50 Hudson Yards; 265,000 square feet in 30 Hudson Yards; and 57,000 square feet in 55 Hudson Yards.

Though 30 and 55 Hudson Yards are already complete, 50 Hudson Yards is still in the works, with completion expected in 2022. BlackRock is 50 Hudson Yards’s anchor tenant, according to a release from developer Related Companies.

Facebook’s NYC HQ is currently located at 770 Broadway, the former Wanamaker Department Store building, where it leases nearly 700,000 square feet. In a statement, John Tenanes, VP of global facilities and real estate at Facebook, said the company will “expand” its offices there starting in 2020.

Several other tech companies are planning moves within Manhattan: Google will expand on its already massive Chelsea headquarters with a new building at St. John’s Terminal in the West Village. And while Amazon’s plan to move its HQ to Long Island City fell apart earlier this year, the company is reportedly scoping out office space in Midtown’s Manhattan West megaproject.