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‘Charging Bull’ statue may get a new home near Wall Street

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Plus, a former NYC mayor may be running for president—and more intel in today’s New York Minute news roundup

U.S.-NEW YORK-CHARGING BULL-DAMAGE Xinhua/Li Rui via Getty Images

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A new home for Charging Bull

One of Manhattan’s most famous public art installations—and biggest tourist traps—is moving.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the city is planning to relocate Charging Bull, the massive sculpture located just outside of Bowling Green Park. The big bronze bull has been situated at the tail end of Broadway for decades, after artist Arturo Di Modica placed the bull near the New York Stock Exchange in 1989 as a “Christmas gift to the city.” NYSE wanted the statue moved, and Di Modica and the Parks Department worked to put it in another lower Manhattan location.

Funnily enough, the location the city is reportedly eyeing for the statue is closer to the New York Stock Exchange. The de Blasio administration’s reasons for the move are safety-related, given the large crowds who routinely pose with the bull in its current location. (It would also put the sculpture closer to Fearless Girl, the statue of a small child that was originally placed near the bull back in 2017.)

One person who’s not happy about the move is Di Modica, who previously threatened to sue the city over Fearless Girl; his rep told the WSJ that the current spot is “the perfect location” and “[t]here’s no reason to move it now.”

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