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NYC eyes dilapidated apartment buildings for homeless housing

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Plus, best and worst moments in transit this decade—and more intel in today’s New York Minute news roundup

The city could shell out at least $41 million on 14 rundown buildings in Harlem and parts of the Bronx.
Max Touhey

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NYC to spent at least $41 million on poorly-maintained buildings

The city plans to purchase 14 run-down buildings in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx already used as emergency “cluster-site” housing for the homeless, and covert those properties into permanent affordable housing, the Daily News reports.

The preliminary deal was announced in November—the second part of the city’s effort to phase out cluster sites—but city officials have been tight lipped on the details. Property records show that the transaction could cost the city at least $41 million for the buildings, but a Daily News investigation found tenants living in “squalor” with caved-in ceilings, no heat, and roach infestations. The owner of the buildings, Mark Irgang, declined a request for comment from the newspaper.

In March, a similar deal came under heavy fire from elected officials and housing advocates when the city agreed to buy 468 cluster apartments in 17 buildings owned by infamous developers Stuart and Jay Podolsky for $173 million—well above the independently-appraised value of $143.1 million for the Bronx and Brooklyn properties.

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